Flat feet :(

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Oct 19, 2016
Hey guys! So, I am feeling extremely discouraged at the moment. I just competed at a kind of hard meet, and I still got an 8.9 on floor. I have worked so hard for a nine. Even to the extent of changing my tumbling passes! Anyway, I have very flat feet which are extremely annoying because from far away, you can't even tell they are pointed! I get good scores on beam, just not on floor! Is there anything/ magic potion I can drink/ cool stretching I can do? Is there anyway to fix FLAT FEET??
Out of interest do you wear an orthotic insole / instep in your shoes to lift your arches?

Also, it's not a quick fix, but heel raises (wide feet, toes together heels apart, heels together toes apart, feet together, and on the edge of a floor beam/step) improve flat footed ness, as it strengthens the muscles and tendons that support your arches.

Also, I haven't used one personally. But a foot/ankle stretcher is supposed to have a really fast effect on point ability/ visual point. Something like this...

Yes I did get the foot stretcher! And no, I do not wear insoles. I suppose I should start looking at them
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