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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2020
My daughter competes in JO6, she is so good in my eyes! She can land a back handspring on beam and back layouts and front on floor. Her problem is flexibility. She is short and muscley, she does pretty good, usually places about 7..8th in competitions but wants the gold obviously! Her problem is she cant extend her back leg without a bend in it. Shes been training for years and it feels like it's just never going to happen. The girls that beat her are just naturally flexible. She works so hard but this just does not come naturally to her! Any suggestions on improving the flexibility of an advanced gymnast?????
As for me I just had to stretch a lot. I would stretch for 30+ minutes after practice. I eventually got to be pretty flexible, but I have learned that my body isn't built to be super flexible.
That was also my issue as well. I am very short, muscly, fast and not flexible at all As a gymnasts I could do a standing back tuck on high beam, before I could do a back walkover on floor. When I got frustrated about my flexibility, my coach would always point out to me, the sorts of amazing skills my body type would allow me to do. As I got higher up in the levels, the flexibility became less of an issue, as the power moves could be chosen instead, of the flexibility moves.

To get down in splits, I did an hour of flexibility work each day, I came into training an hour before the rest of the team to do a flexibility program, that the head coach had set out for me. Despite being very tight, this program did allow me to get flat in both forward splits.

Flexibility can be improved incredibly with consistent work, a naturally tight gymnasts does have the capability to develop flexibility with great commitment and effort.

Not open for further replies.