For Parents Flip Fest Camp in TN

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Apr 17, 2022
I saw a few older posts regarding this camp and a handful of reviews from Google of course.
Anyone have a more recent experience they could share?
Our gym has secured 10 spots for this camp and this would be our first gymnastics camp ever. Deposit is due at the end of the month so we need to decided asap.
Looks like they do a great mix of gymnastics and fun camp activities!
It’s an 8 hour drive but it looks like a real amazing experience for her.

Thanks in advance!
Our gym sends a group each year and has for a while. We didn't go last year as I didn't think my daughter was quite ready for a sleepaway camp, but many of her teammates went and had a blast. One in particular came back with a handful of brand new skills! We're planning on going this year. She's 9 years old and will be L6.
My daughter and her teammates have gone and they loved it. Some have gone back two or three years in a row. My daughter wanted to go back last year but had too many other things going on. Good mix of gymnastics and fun as the previous poster noted.