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Feb 9, 2011
So Flip Fest has officially started!
Any other gymnasts or DD's going?

This will be my first year going to Flip Fest, I went to Woodward last year.

Can anyone tell me what the typical day looks like?

I also had a bad problem at Woodward with girls staying up REALLY late (Like 3-4AM) talking and keeping me awake, has anyone experienced this at Flip Fest or do the counselors tend to keep things quiet?

What time do you suggest getting to camp the first day?

Any items not on the packing list that you would suggest bringing?

Any other descriptions of the camp? Or anything else about it?
I really do not know much about Flipfest except that my coaches old coach is one of the coaches there. From what I heard it is a great camp and you should have a great time. I believe that my coach said that they are pretty strict when it comes to the time that you go to sleep, but I may be thinking about a different camp. And check there website, I believe they have what a typical day looks like on there.
My daughter is going week 2 which starts on June 3rd. She's been the last 2 years as well and just loves it. I drove DD down the 1st year, but she rode down with a friend last summer and she is riding down with another friend this time too, so it's been a while for me to remember everything about the first day. I would suggest arriving early though. This will give you a chance to get in and get settled in your cabin and for you and your parents to check everything out. By the time they go back to pick you up on the last day the cabins are empty and everyone's stuff is outside their cabins waiting to be picked up so the first day is really the best day to go to get a feel for the camp and the cabins and the counselor.

DD hasn't ever mentioned anything about girls staying up late, but she did say that there were a couple girls in her cabin last summer who were very homesick and cried a lot. Then again, she's always been in the cabins for girls 11 years old or younger.

I can't remember the specifics of the typical day, but I think they have a typical schedule posted on the flipfest website. I believe there are 2 practice times per day and always lots of fun outside activities such as games, swimming, skit night, camp dance and haunted hike. I'm sure you will have a blast. DD is always sad when it's time to come home and wants to stay another week.
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I was a counselor at Flip Fest several years ago and did not let my girls stay up too much past lights out talking/giggling- because this counselor wanted to get some sleep too! But it really depends on the kids in your cabin and the counselor. You'll probably be with kids pretty close to your own age and will be busy and working hard throughout the day, so probably pretty exhausted by the time lights out rolls around.
The schedule is something like wake-up/get ready, breakfast, head back to the cabin to get gym gear ready and head to morning practice. You'll workout until lunch and then have time to eat and rest, go to the camp store, or for the activities available. You'll have another work out in the afternoon followed by dinner and time in the evening for recreation, special camp activities (they had a scavenger hunt, dance, skit night, and movie night when I was there- it's probably changed since then, though), and I think an opportunity to go to open gym.
I would recommend getting their early, not only do you get to take time to check in, explore camp, and meet your counselor and bunkmates, but you also get a better pick of beds!
As far as what to bring, I think the basics (shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirt, leos, and grips) are the most important and will probably get the most use. Also make sure to bring sneakers for the ropes course and any hiking you might end up doing. Beyond that and what is on the packing list, just anything you think would make you more comfortable or you would like to have- books, journal, camera, ipod, stuffed animal, etc.
Have a great time!
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Thanks everyone so far!
I'm hoping our counselor enforces the night time rules then!! But I'll bring my i-Pod and ear plugs just incase!

Is there an outlet to charge an iPod at by any chance?

I've been looking at the pictures they are posting on FB and I'm so super excited!!!
Yes, there are outlets. So be sure to bring your charger. The cabins are really nice and comfortable.
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