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Proud Parent
Jul 9, 2013
My daughter will be attending Flip Fest Camp in Tennessee this summer. She is 8 and this is her first time "away". Has anyone else attended there? Thoughts about the camp? I am, of course, a nervous mommy... LOL
Don't worry mom she'll have a blast.

To get some good information about Flip Fest use our search feature. Many people have posted about their child's experience at FF in the past.
What week is she going? My kids will be there week 7. :D I have a just turned 8 yo DD and b/g twins that will turn 10 a month before going to camp.

They went last year, just after turning 7 and 9 and LOVED it!
She is going the very last session in August. It was the only week that we could coordinate with one of her friends who will be in town that time frame. :)

I will have to look up the past posts about the camp. Thanks!
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