Flipper injured AGAIN!

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Jul 20, 2009
Region 3
Well, she managed to stay out of the blasted ortho boot for 8 weeks. Monday at gym, she missed the beam with most of her foot in her acro dismount series. Broke the big toe of the other foot in the growth plate. Also has soft tissue damage. Planning surgery for Friday or Monday to wire and pin the bone and ligaments back together. She will have external hardware for 3 weeks, then another surgery to remove the hardware. She will be in the ortho boot and on crutches for another 3 - 5 weeks after that.

She is handling all of this pretty well (of course she is on pain meds. She is determined to get back (but has grumbled just a bit about how hard she worked - even managed to qualify for Regionals in the 8 weeks she was mobile - all for nothing!). Surgeons tell us they can return much of the function, but it will never be 100%. One of her main concerns is how goofy she will look in an ortho boot while wearing shorts. It is good to be young!
Ugh! So sorry! Ultimately this is probably harder on you than on her. Surgery and pins and stuff... scary! Best of luck to both of you through this ordeal!
What's up with all these gymnasts and their injuries lately...these girls are working much too hard and we sit on the sidelines and watch them perform so beautifully and then this crap has to happen. I am so very sorry that your DD is going to miss out on her regionals and I am also wishing her a speedy and successful recovery.
same thing happened to me 45 years ago (although not on beam but on high bar when i pulled in and 'kicked' the bar) when surgical technology was non-existent. i still went on for another almost 15 years without incident. she'll be back!:)

by the way, it doesn't bother me today all these years later.
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Oh no, that is terrible. Hope her surgery is successful and she heals and recovers quickly. Just so unfair.
Such a shame that she is injured again and will miss regionals. I'm sure she'll be able to "glam up" the boot. Will send positive thoughts her way for surgery. The surgery to remove the external device is very minor if that helps at all.
Wishing the best for your Flipper. From the timelines you cite, it sounds like the process will go pretty fast. Thanks to Dunno for always being so encouraging around injuries- it's good to hear that you have no lasting effects because some of us old folk are always wondering if our aches and pains are from the abuses we committed as young people!
So sorry to hear this!! Boy she certainly has received her share of injuries and then some this season. I hope she will be able to return when she is all healed from this. It might be something to consider if she should return to gymnastics. I know when my son dislocated his knee cap for the 2nd time he had enough with injuries and stopped competing - gym made him a coach of the boys team. It was a very hard decision and one that took a few months to come to but where she will be out of service for awhile and have at least a few months of PT ahead of her it might not be a bad thing to have her consider.
Thanks for all of your encouraging comments. Flippers surgery went well. She has 2 wires sticking out of her toe for the next 3-4 weeks. The surgeons had to make an incision on the bottom of her foot to have better access to the fracture and ligament (we were hoping they wouldn't have to do that). They were comfortable that while the bones aren't touching, they will heal O.K. because she is young. She then fought nausea for the next 12 hours and ended up spending the night in the hospital. Not what we planned, but helped her feel better. Home now and doing MUCH better. She can't wait to start conditioning again.
Flipper update: Got the last cast removed on Thursday. She fell down the stairs last week and was convinced she broke her ankle (in the cast). Took her in - surgeon said it would be nearly impossible to break an ankle already in a cast. When the cast came off, he decided that they needed to x-ray the ankle - swollen and badly bruised. Thankfully, it is not fractured. (I asked her why she even went upstairs as we have moved nearly all her worldly goods to the main floor. She misses her room!) In an ortho boot for another 5 weeks (but can walk on the boot after 2 weeks). Flipper is uncomfortable and very discouraged. She is back to conditioning and fretting about how her friends are getting to work on new skills and she is going to have to work to even get the old skills back. She has made some grumbles about quitting, but our policy is not to quit when you're down. We've told her that she needs to get back to where she was (skillwise) and if she still wants to quit then, she's free to walk away. She replied that she won't want to quit then! This too shall pass, but it is going to take a lot of work. She has a couple of friends on the team who have been wonderfully supportive. They meet for movies, playing games, shopping (with Flipper in a wheelchair) - just keeping in touch and being friends.
Ok, good on the cast off/boot on. This poor kid cannot win---injured ankle while in a cast! Tell her the 2 weeks will go quickly and then she'll be able to walk again. It will be slow going, but if she's motivated enough she can get her skills back.
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