Flippinlolly competes tomorrow- wish her luck!

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Feb 26, 2007
Our own Flippinlolly will compete at the Commonwealth Games in Doha tomorrow morning, our time. SHe is representing England and this is a major assignment for her.

If you want to wish her luck, this is the place to do it!

Laura best of luck from me, I'll be thinking of you and trying to watch online.:D DO your best and have a blast, show the Commonwealth that beautiful floor routine.
Best wishes flippinlolly!!! Have fun and I too will try to watch online, (I think on one of Bogs post there is a free site I can view outside of Canada).
Good luck Laura!!!!! I can't wait to watch online! You are a beautiful gymnast and am sure you will be awesome!!! Hope you have a great time and have lots of fun!!!
Wow, Commonwealth Games! This is an amazing oppertunity for you Laura!!! I wish you lots and lots of luck!!!!!! I am very excited to see you compete!!!!
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Good Luck Laura!!!! It is on 11pm - 1am our time so will record it and can't wait to see you flip and fly all around the gym :)
Sending you lots of luck, Laura!!! Hope it is a great experience for you!!
We're glued to the TV coverage of the games and waiting impatiently for WAG!!! Go flippinglolly!!!
Congratulations to Flippinlolly :)

After spending hours finding when it was on, several missed hours of sleep i would like to say.........

Congratulations Flippinlolly you did amazingly!! Her team came 2nd only behind Australia and i am almost positive that she was one of the few not to fall on beam
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