WAG Floor & Bars Deductions

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Dec 9, 2019
I'm an Xcel Gold gymnast, and I've noticed this season that my scores have been consistently lower than I'd like them to be. Vault has never been good for me and beam has been a disaster this year because of nerves, so I know what I need to fix on those, but floor & bars are sort of a mystery to me. I've asked my coaches, and they're kind of unsure too. I'm definitely not saying my routines are perfect, but I'm not sure exactly where the deductions are coming from.
I'll attach 2 videos of each of my routines - my bar routines scored a 9.475 and 9.675, while my floor routines scored a 9.25 and 9.275. These aren't bad scores, but I'm consistently missing first place, often by less than 0.5, and often scoring just a tiny bit lower than my teammates. My coaches have told me that in my floor routine, I pike down from my back handspring, but that's all we can really think of specifically. If anyone can point out any ways that I could improve, I would really appreciate it!
(also side note - I know the skills I compete are easy especially for my age, I can do a good amount of harder skills, but I also started late and am honestly not very good lol)

Not open for further replies.