Floor fairy's flight was delayed

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At least that's what my dd thinks.

She had her meet on Saturday. They started on floor, and she is either does great, or ok. This was an ok one for her. She scored an 8.4. It is her second year at L5, and last year she had a 8.95 on floor. She was ok about it, and knows she can do better.

Vault was better - much better than last year. She scored at 8.7 and was 6th. Onto bars. DD is waiting to go, when the girl next to her gets sick. So coach hands over sick girl to her mom, then is wiping throw-up off my dd leg so she can compete. I was on the floor with them, but had nothing to wipe her leg with and judges were ready for the girls to start the rotation! Yikes. She did manage a 9.1 and placed 1st. It wasn't a great routine for her, so that bar fairy must have been working OT to make up for the floor fairy. I think she even fooled the judges with some fairy dust about how high dd's cast really was. Beam was next, and it was also better than last year. She looked much more confident. She scored a 9.15 and was 4th, for a 35.35 and 5th AA. She was happy with that. We were with a lot of out-of -state girls, so it was a tough meet!

We have almost 4 weeks until our next meet, so I may have to book the floor
fairy for an earlier flight next time!!
Ugh on the vomit tale, your poor DD, I think mine would've puked as well as you know it's contagious!!!

That bar score was amazing considering she had to deal with the icky thing at the same time, glad she came 1st! That's a very respectable AA score. SOunds as though she had improvements all over, that is much to be proud of.
She had a great AA:)! If she can do that good on bars after being barfed on - - - - - I'm impressed;)! Good luck for next meet, I am sure she will be awesome!
I think she did great! The puke would have been the end of things for us! That took some guts of steel on your DD's part. Congrats to her on a great meet. She had some really terrific scores.
To give credit to the poor girl that got sick, she came back and competed on bars and beam, and did well.

Luckily it was not contagious, as we already had another girl not feeling her best.

Maybe I'll have to request the "no puke on my dd" fairy as well??
OH MYLANTA - first a meet tale about the power going out now a story about getting thrown up on? I can only hope that we just have the normal meet problems, you know forget a leotard......... bad warm up..... LOL

Congrats to your DD for being able to keep her focus and have a rocking meet!
Well done to her :D

I can sympathise with the sick story... when i was younger there was a girl from a different club who threw up on floor at every meet without fail. Once she was on right before me too... they cleaned it up but there was then a wet patch on the floor (yes :|) which i had to avoid!! After many meets i think she finally gave in to the fact that she couldn't compete as it wasn't fair on everyone else. Feel sorry for her mind, it must be horrible to get that nervous.
How horrible for her, and for you having to compete after that! I was in a marching band in HS and during parades they used to tell us to go straight no matter what, but whenever we were behind horses, there was no way we were going straigth through that!

We are hoping this is a one time incident! She is another level, so she will not be competing with dd again at the same time.
Congratulations to your Daughter, I'm not sure how many girls could have gotten up after that and performed a good routine.
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