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Aug 7, 2014
DD is looking for new floor music. I think we have listened to almost everything out there and she likes nothing. She is 13, xcel platinum. Not powerful, more elegant.
Some elegant things used by my teammates
-fast and sad by ivarelli
-rise #128 (this one is on youtube)
-hall of fame
-the arena (also youtube)
-river flows in you
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Pirates and Mermaids is the song my DD has used the past couple years. She is over it but I love it! We have the same problem right now. My kiddo is more powerful and less elegant (although she can pull it off) and wants something dramatic. She can't find anything she likes!
I like River Flows in You or Chandelier for a more elegant gymnast; to @mom2agymnast have you looked at Requiem for a Dream or Heart of Courage? They're both quite dramatic and powerful!
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