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Oct 19, 2016
I am really struggling here. I need some recommendations. I would like something fierce, that is not overplayed, and everyone would love. Almost like Simone biles' floor music. I have searched everywhere and I am starting to loose patience. Nothing cutesy please, I am a bit to tall and old to do something cute. Thanks so much!!
I think a really good floor music would be some cut version of Christmas Eve Sarajevo by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Great beat for skills, and not too commonly used. Hope I helped!
Try checking out Two Steps From Hell. They create epic/fantasy/movie score music. If you're just listening to them on YouTube, their lesser-known songs are often the ones that are most interesting and unique. Avoid the Invincible album, as it's probably too epic for a floor routine (unless you're a brilliant tumbler with a massive stage presence to boot), but the Skyworld and Colin Frake albums would be great. One of the composers has two individual albums, called Sun and Illusions, both of which have some awesome tracks. If you get a bit more specific about what kind of tone you'd like, I can give you some song suggestions, if you'd like.

Larisa Iordache and Aliya Mustafina have both used their music, which made me very happy :D

Enya has some lovely music. Most of her songs do have lyrics, but she produces some instrumental versions as well. Plus, unless the judges speak Irish Gaelic, it's unlikely they'll notice her singing is lyrical, lol

There are some great electronic remixes of classical pieces, but I get the impression they're a bit overdone.
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Wait, I thought of some more!

Lindsey (Lindsay?) Stirling's violin stuff can be really good.

If you play the video game Skyrim (how old are you?), it has a pretty amazing soundtrack, so you could always rip that off lol. Not very Simone Biles-y though.

Another composer is Adrian von Ziegler, a small Swiss composer who's made all kinds of stuff, from pirates to Celtic to cool Middle Eastern-inspired pieces.
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My dd uses Lindsey Stirling's Take Flight. I really like it and we only heard it once or twice last year (but we were level 4 so not at many optional meets). This year, with the exception of one meet, she was the only one who had it. She's tiny but not cutesy at all when it comes to floor routines. I think it's a bit grown up for her but she loves it. I do think the upper level optionals might use it more.
I dont know if you're still looking for floor music, but I may have a really great (in my opinion) idea for you! So I was watching the NCAA college meet Oklahoma vs UCLA last night, and I saw a floor routine with music that I absolutely loved. It sounds to me like we have the same cool/fierce style, so you might like this. The song is called Purple Lamborghini (it's from Suicide Squad) and obviously you would have to use the instrumental version. It's a little over 3 and a half minutes so someone would have to cut it quite a lot. The gymnast that has this music is from Oklahoma and her name is AJ Jackson, if you want to look it up on youtube. She has the music cut perfectly. I might use this music for my routine next year! :)
Wow!! When I posted this I didn't get much feed back right away, but this is just amazing! Thank you all so much for the recommendations!! I am going to check out every one of them right now :)
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