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How is music decided at your gym? At this new gym my daughter was able to choose what she wanted (within reason) as long as the coaches ok'd it and believed it would be a good fit for her to showcase her best skills. At our former gym we had no input at all and my DD always hated her music. Any thoughts?:rolleyes:

gym monkeys mom

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Oct 3, 2007
At our club girls get a choice of what they want as long as the coach thinks its a good match also.

I think it depends on the coach an what they are confortable with and also the age of the girls.

My feeling is if girls have somewhat of a choice they will be more into the music and therfore the routine but that is just my mom opinion.

My Dd I torn between 2 songs and told the coach who is writting the routine to go ahead and pick because she likes them both. This was after we listended to no less than about 200 songs mind you.:p
The girls at our gym choose the music and the basic routine ideas, coach approves and/or refines.

Funny, my DD (an 1st time L4) is working on her L7 routine on paper already while listening to the Suite from the Devil Wears Prada." I mean, she's closing her eyes, and seeing it. It's kinda cute. You can see her smiling as she steps thought it in her head. (Note: she likes the music as it starts 4:15.)

I have no idea how over-used this track is, but she likes it.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
At our gym, the coaches and gymnasts work together in finding a piece of music that fits. Since we have the Mason Dixon League at our gym, optionals start at Level A (right after Level 4) so there are some really young kids all the way through older teenagers who will get their own music and routine. Dani's coach, knowing her personality, has already expressed that she needs something fast, fun and upbeat for her music to suite her personality. The coaches also know that it is important for the gymnast to like and be able to "connect to" the music for the routine to work.
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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I have no idea how DDs current gym or old gym do the music thing. I would really hope that the girl actually DOING the routines would have major input. They work so hard to get to that level, they should be able to have input, a lot of it.


Thanks everyone. It sounds like pretty much the same thing for everyone, that the girls can help choose as long as the coach approves and thinks it suits. I am glad we were able to do that this time. I think DD will enjoy her routine much more now that she likes her music! I could never understand before why she never had a say in what song she wound up with.


Club Owner / Manager
Mar 23, 2009
West Midlands, England
At our gym it really depends on the coach - We have 'optional' routines at every level here so even the weeny 6/7 yr olds have individual routines. (we normally choreograph 2 or 3 routines and then share them out between the gymnasts as it is a nightmare teaching routines to this age group. Much easier if you can teach them in pairs!

When they are 8 they get their own routine. The group's head coach usually picks a selection of music and ok's it with the individual. Our gym owner hates this method - when she was coaching, she picked the music and the gymnast didn't have a say, but many of the girls hated their routines and performed them really badly.

It makes such a difference when they actually like the music!
As the gymnasts get older - 11 upwards they pick their own music but the coach has to give it the ok! Quite often they will come up with their own choreography, but that normally gets pulled out when the coach comes to choreograph the routine!


our girls can choose their music but it has to be ok'ed by the coach and owner.

Basicly the girls presents 3 choices the coach and owner listen to them and decide if its a good fit. If not then the coach or owner may suggest a few for the girl to listen to and see if she likes it.

We have one poor girl that must have gone through 30 songs that just didn't fit her or were too young for her. she has something now but its more like she is settling because the routines are being choreographed now. She is supposed to be the 5th to be done which puts her somewhere in the first week of June. My dd got her first choice and is being done on Wed.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
At dd's gym, I write a check for music & choreography and hope for the best.

Dd, nor I, have any say. I will give credit to HC who picks out the music & does the choreography, she really knows her girls and does a fabulous job.

If dd did have a say in music, we already have a song that she would love to use - it has meaning to both of us and I'd love to see a routine to it. Maybe when she is older and it's her last routine before going off to college I'll ask if she could use the song we both really like.

Until then, I just sit back and pay.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Our gym is much like most. The girls can pick music, but it must be approved by the coaches. They do get the demo CDs from Floor Express and you can bring those home to listen to. This year, gymmie wants "something different." Great---gives us alot of direction there:) She seems to like some of the music by Bond and unfortunately fell in love with something she heard on So You Think You Can Dance, but I don't think it exists in instrumental only.

The coaches that approve the music don't do the choreo and I think thats a slight problem. I would rather have the coach doing the choreo approve the music or she might have some ideas for music, but she's only brought in to do the floor routines and sub when another coach is out. From what I've seen, she is awesome and my gymmie will try anything if she's coaching.
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