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I am a level 9 gymnast looking for some upbeat cuban music. Does anyone have any ideas for some. I have found Jai Ho, which is amazing, and I had Welcome to Cuba last year. I NEED HELP!!!:confused:
jai ho is the music that i am doing for my floor.. its not cuban at all.. it is indian.. its from the movie slumdog millionaire.. floor express music has a lot of spanish musics.. I know i am obessed with jai ho(you are my destiny) by the *****cat dolls.. thats is my friend and i's pump up song at meets.. well i hope you find what you are looking for
it might be hard to find but you might like Vanessa Atler floor music 97', it's a kinda of relaxed upbeat feel. i don't really have any other suggestions for cuban music sorry
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