floor music??

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When you say rock and roll, what sort are you looking for? Easier-going old rock (ie Elvis, Chuck Barry, etc), or blow-youre-brains-out metal, or something in between?
well ive done bad to the bone, some song called river down below, and then last year, i did this classical stuff and it was horrible.. see i dont really like to dance that much. so i was thinking blow-your-brains- out metal would be kinda cool..
How about the theme from the movie Ironman?

Floorexpressmusic.com has a nice mix for that.

Not sure if energym music has a mix for that if they do check it out too
( I do tend to like what they mix better but floor music has more selections and is promoted by our gym)
MSI "Return to Video" or Dropkick Murphys "Shipping up to Boston". One of the girls on the UNH gymnastics used it, and it was awesome
Not open for further replies.