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Proud Parent
Feb 9, 2020
How often do your optional gymnasts switch up their floor music?
DD1 was XG 2 years ago. This is the level where our owner allows the girls to start using their own music and routines. We paid for choreography and music then.
She competed a full season of XG with that music.
Last year, she did score out meets for L4 and L5 used the same music and carried her routine to L6, switching out one tumbling pass but all other elements were the same, but only competed 2 times because she had the Flu and then COVID happened.
She has been begging for new music and choreography, but our gym owner told her to use her same music/routine again and switch out the 2 tumbling passes for L7.
Her rationale is that the season isn’t guaranteed (we typically start making expense account payments in August and we have yet to make one and we don’t have a schedule yet), and our choreographer is out on maternity leave. DD says she wants me to ask another coach to help her and has shed tears over this because she said she HATES her music, but I don’t want want to step on anyone’s toes if the gym owner wants her to keep it. I personally love her routine and music and am on the same side with our owner, however, I feel like 3 years is a pretty long time to have floor music and I want her to be happy.


Proud Parent
Dec 22, 2016
Our gym typically does new routines every 2 years but I feel like with your circumstances I see why they said don't worry about it. They may just be trying to save you money (and when does that ever happen!!) I would email them and state your daughters specific concerns one last time and state if thier decision to keep the routine is final you understand but you wanted to voice your daughters concerns. Then you can say you did your best and let the chips fall where they may. I would talk to your daughter about it ahead of time and say you are willing to do that if she accepts whatever the final decision is. I would also see if there are any small updates she could do other than tumbling to the routine so it would feel new to her. Our girls will sometimes update small passes of a routine to better fit their personality and strengths maybe that would be a good middle ground for your daughter.


Proud Parent
Jul 12, 2016
Ours does two years with the same music. This year they gave us the option to get new music and choreography if the child was on year 3 but actually told us that we didn't need to in case there is not a big meet season.


Jan 22, 2019
Here in France we typically keep it for two or three years. I'll keep mine for a third year.

I'm totally on your coaches' side by the way. There is a realistic chance that she won't compete at all this season, which would make the new routine pointless and her taste regarding music might change between this year and next year.
Besides, since she probably won't be competing a lot this season and since she already has "lost" quite a lot of time due to quarantine, her time is probably better used upgrading or polishing her skills than learning a new floor routine, which takes time and effort.


Proud Parent
May 19, 2020
We also typically switch music/routines every two years. That being said, with last season being cut short and this season in limbo, I would not be surprised if they suggest 3 years right now for us. It would be disappointing to spend all that money to be used for potentially 5 meets. I thought MuggleMom had a good suggestion of how to approach it though. Good luck!


Proud Parent
Jan 3, 2016
We also typically do 2 years with the same routine and music. My dd has already used hers for 2 but is keeping it because meet season was cut short and we don't know what is going to happen this year.

I would contact the coach. If they know that you are ok with spending the money to change her routine, then maybe they would allow her to do it.


Proud Parent
Dec 17, 2016
Every two years. They are allowed to get a new routine/music every year if they want, but I haven’t seen that happen yet. In a normal season in your case I would push for a new routine, but with the uncertainty of the season this year, I would just tell my daughter to use her current one an extra year.


Proud Parent
Nov 19, 2016
My daughter is considering changing her music/routine after only a year. She doesn’t need to but it might be her last year and having music/routine that she loves seems worth it. I did tell her she would need to help pay for it.


Proud Parent
Sep 30, 2017
We are giving our girls the option of keeping their routine for a third year this season. It is hard to ask parents to spend extra money when we don’t know what the season will look like.


Proud Parent
Feb 13, 2015
Whenever we want to. The logic is the kids have to love their music. And its our money (us parents) so we decide. We have had kids keep the same music for 4 seasons.. And other kids change after a season. Typically it’s 2-3 seasons, and it Kind of depends on age/maturity thing really.

my kid has had 3 changes, each 2 seasons. All have suited where she was at the time. Now at almost 15 I don’t see her wanting to change. Her current music is very much who she is. And who she is, is pretty solid at this point.
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Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
Our girls have the option to change their music whenever they want ... although HC prefers if they keep it for an entire season, lol.

My OG's first year of Xcel Gold, she picked her music in mid-December. She competed it from January - March. In early June, she decided she wanted new music (for her meet at the end of June). Due to equipment issues, she didn't even get to practice with her music on the sound system until the last practice before the meet, lol.
We had to cut it shorter the next season when Xcel lowered the maximum length of Gold routines (when it Nationalized ... her first year, each region ran Xcel how they saw fit). She did keep that music for the entire season, but she was looking for new music starting in March.

We have had a couple girls keep their music for 2-3 years, but in those cases, the gymnasts missed significant parts of the seasons, so they didn't compete them often.


Proud Parent
May 6, 2013
Ours is two years with the option for three this year or in other extenuating circumstances. In your situation, I, as a parent, would want her to keep it for a third year. I will say though, that if she HATES her music like you say, she's not going to perform it well, whether on purpose or accidentally on purpose. So I don't know if that factors into your decision.

I really would like to petition for my kid to keep hers *next* year, because between only 3 meets before Covid shutdown in Platinum, and only 2-3 real meets in 6 this year (6 always has the shortest season in our state), I'd love her to get another year and it's a good routine. I think she has her sights on a new one though. :rolleyes: $$$


Proud Parent
Oct 16, 2014
Every 2 years. My D17 was fortunate in that she was able to compete 6 meets before covid canceled States in the spring, so this season she will have year 2 of her current music (if she gets to compete). She is XP.
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