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Feb 12, 2023
So I need to pick out a floor music for excel gold and I have to get it from jumptwist music but there are so many choices. I also really like the song A Million Dreams as I am sure many do lol. But I do not see that in the catalog. I know I can get a custom cut for a song but thats expensive. My mom would buy it no problem but what I’m scared of is them cutting it and me not liking the cut. They say they have an love your music garentee but my mom is a people pleaser and I doubt she will want to email them and say to redo it or something let alone possibly more than once. If you guys have any suggestions of music for me I would love to hear it. I am very artistic and dramatic and graceful and expressive with my dance and have some classical ballet history. I can also be spunky a sassy in dance too. Dance is definitely my strength compared to other girls my level. This brings me to choreography. I would kill ( not really ) to choreograph my own floor routine. I can make killer routines that are so fun to perform. Thing is is that I will probably be at a new gym with new coaches when I’m getting my routine and I don’t know how willing they are to let me be that independent with it. Of course I would show them the routine and change anything they don’t approve of but I want to sort stay in my lane you know. Some coaches think that it is a coaches duty to do something like this. I’m not sure what to do. should I just ask and show them what I can do. I make them up very quickly too. I know the requirements and I will make a list of everything I need in it from my coaches just in case. I take lots of thing into factor like where are the judges going to be sitting, where can I smile or make eye contact, stuff like that. I have made up a ton of routines and they normally go like this in the creation process. I’m staring at my iPad/phone, I’m bored, I find a song, make sure it’s one minute, I decide what and when my passes are, I get the feel for the song, start making it up, I’m on a roll, go over the routine in my head to make sure I have all the requirements, and less than 30 minutes later. Boom. Bomb routine right there! dance just comes easy to me but dance isn’t what I want to do. Gym is.
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That is exciting! When my daughter went into XG the individualization was the most exciting part for her.
Talk to your coach. They may have a process in place for gymnasts to create their routines. I am sure your excitement will be an important factor.
For the music, all I would say is, make sure you have a dramatic place for your jumps and your tumbling runs, even if you don't end up being the choreographer.
My daughter's music was 1:30 and professionally cut down to 60sec (I'm in an adjacent business) The sound guy wanted to know what we needed to keep and cut, using the timecode. So if you do need to shorten the music, when you do find someone, have that ready.
maybe talk to your coach about making up your routine. a senior at my gym wanted to make hers up so the coach had her work with the choreographer and they came up with a routine together using both their ideas. but since the choreographer worked on it to they could still be sure it was professional.