Floor Routine Music

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My six year old just started gymnastics this year, and joined the L2 team just this month. She's learned the L2 floor routine (AAU? I think) w/out a problem, but she's not in synch w/ the music. Right before her first meet, the coach did work w/ them, but one practice just wasn't enough. She actually did worse I think b/c it was one more thing to think about.

She practices almost daily at home, but I'd love to find the music and - if possible - the narrated version that tells her when to do what. She could work on L3 too since she has the floor skills.

Any ideas where we can get that VERY familiar music?


I do not know of the AAU music, but the USAG levels 1-6 music can be found at www.discountleotards.com
All the music comes with:
1. voice telling them what to do,
2. just a voice counting out the count
3. and then just the music
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