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My dd just had her first ever floor routine choreographed this morning. She had a blast!! I dropped her off at 12 and came back at 1:50, just in time to see a couple of final run throughs set to music. I know I'm a *smidge* biased (lol) but it was absolutely the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Boy can my kid put on a show!

Anyone else here going through this for the first time?

Canadian Gym Mom
Wow, I bet that was fun to watch! I'm curious how it works in Canada. Does she have her very own individal floor routine? Here in the U.S., all the girls at a particular level (for Levels 4 - 6) do the same compulsory routine. We are only in preteam so I've only seen the full routine on the US Gymnastics DVD. How great that your daugther is able to let her personality shine through! I imagine that must be hard when she is concentrating so hard on getting all the skills right. Congratulations! :)
SHe must be an optional ,right? Although some gyms have botha compulsory and optional routine, it's pretty rare. Anyway, it's great that your dd really likes the routine and looks awesome doing it.
Just to clear things up a bit. We don't have cumpulsories here. I didn't even know what they were until reading gymnastics message boards. I can't imagine listening to the same music and watching the same routine dozens of times at a competition.

Here, each level is assigned special criteria that must be met and then the floor routine is choreographed to include those skills. Then they are able to choose music that matches the personality of the gymnast and work somewhat with skills that best showcase the gymnasts strengths.

I've never been to a competition so I've only seen the routines from girls at our gym but they're all very different. Some are quite saucy, some sophisticated and in the case of my little one, very cutesy and fun. Definitely playing on the fact that she is a tiny, young looking little girl.

I hope that helps everyone understand a bit more:)

Canadian Gym Mom
I understand now. I thought your dd was too young to be a level seven, when routines start being choreographed . I'm glad her routine fits her personality.
OMG you guys are so lucky up in Canada. Our girls have all do the same routine untill they make level 7. It is so much harder when you have to do a compulsory routine because if you have any weaknesses it really shows. It's much easier to spot a wobble or an error when everyone is doing the exact same routine. And I swear, when gymbabi was a compulsory gymnast, I heard those stupid floor routine songs in my sleep for months after season was over. I was soo glad when they changed all the music and routines last year, but the new music has gotten old too.
I love gymbabis routines now, she's on her second "just for her" routine, it's to Phantom of the Opera. It really suits her, she really looks pretty doing the big dramatic movements.
I'm sure compulsories are harder because as you say, any weakness would be amplified when everyone is doing the same skills in the same sequence. I have a feeling that that type of routine wouldn't hold the excitement of many of the girls for too long either. My dd was SO thrilled to get her OWN routine. For her it took her from being "a kid who does gymnastics" and made her feel like a *real gymnast* no real difference from where I sit, but major distinction in her mind!

I bet the Phantom of the opera music is cool, and if that's her in your avatar, she'd look pretty doing any routine:)

Canadian Gym Mom
Yes, it's a huge deal when you move out of compulsories!!!I can't wait. Hopefully, I'll be level 7 for next year, if this year goes well. I'm a good dancer and have a lot of flexibility and am looking forward to showing it off.
gracefulone, good luck going from 6 to 7. Level 7 was soooo much more fun for Gymbabi. :D

Canadiangymmom, Yep that's gymbabi and her big bro, the gymnastics orphan.
My season runs from November-March, with nationals in June or July so I won't be worrying about moving up anytime soon.
wow that sounds really neat, we watched a level 6 meet, and let me tell you those songs really stick in your head when its the same one over and over, that is neat she gets her "own" to suit her personality! wish they had that here! congrats to your daughter's new routine!
I hate the levels 4-6 songs for floor. They make me want to claw my eyes out with titanium sporks and then staple my ears shut.
I hate the levels 4-6 songs for floor. They make me want to claw my eyes out with titanium sporks and then staple my ears shut.

That's hilarious! I have convinced all my girls that they need to be able to do the routine perfectly without the music.;)

I need to get some more smilies on this board to help us describe things.
Is it just me, or does part of the level 5 floor routine music sound like "stripper music"? :eek: esp when they are doing their splits :creepy:

Sure does...when I was teaching the girls the routine, I noticed all the parents upstairs were cracking up. Later on they told me about was the "stripper thing".
since i am from canada

what skills are needed to compete leavel 4-6 ?
In Canada

in canada there is required times but diffrent music and routines and according to my gym club a gymnastics club may only allow one gymnast to have the music also in canada it is provinclas not levels
what skills are needed to compete leavel 4-6 ?

Here are some videos of the level 6 routines:





It's so interesting to see how USAG chorographed (sp) them where it's the same routine with increasing skill variations. Do you think that was to just avoid confusion in learning /teaching it or help gymnasts progress faster through the levels or a little of both. KWIM?
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