Fly Aways part 2

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as of yesterday i let go of the bar

to everyone who replied to my first thread thank you soooo much everything you guys said helped me sooo much

yesterday i didnt even think about flyuaways and ii woulndt think about it until i got onto the bar

when i got onto the bar all i thought was LET GO

and it worked

at first i had to have two coahces spot me but after doing two fly aways i went to only one coach

i am soooo proud of myself!!!

again thanks to everyone who replied to my last thread i dont think i could have done it without your advide



Awesome! Way to go, I'm so proud of you! Congrats on taking control!


AWESOME!!! I am so proud of you!!!! Good work, and keep it up! I am so excited for you! Great job on taking control like Hammy said! :)


thanks everyone
i really appreciate it

i am now almost ready for level 6
on my skills card i only have 4 more things to pass and i have until september
needless to say i will be ready for level 6 very soon

thanks again everyone
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