Flyaway Fear (parent not DD)

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Apr 26, 2010
My DD is a level 5 gymnast training level 6 skills. She was very excited this week because she did her flyaway for the first time (and many more after that). As I expected, her fears disappeared once she did it the first time. However, my fears were definitely heightened watching her do it. :eek: I'm watching from across the gym, so it's hard to gauge how far she really is away from the bar, but she just seems really close. So my question is how far should the gymnast "flyaway" from the bar? I think she's going high enough (hips above the bar), but should the gymnast be going forward as well? How close would you expect the bar to be to a gymnast? It didn't seem that scary when it was someone else's daughter.
take this the right way please...go find something to do. don't stay and watch.:)
I agree with Dunno, watching more advanced skills training is scary. The coaches know what they are doing. So do something else or you will drive yourself nuts!
well what helped me was thinking this. when i do my swing i let go as soon as i see my toes, then you just automatically flip when you let go. it took me awhile to get over my fear of my flyaway, but once she gets the hang of it she'll be fine. :)
Probably not a big deal if a responsible coach is supervising. On a beginning tap swing tuck flyaway, even if you pull in, it's not like you're going to hit your head on the bar. The worst you'll do is hit your foot and keep flipping, happens, not the end of the world. Obviously not the goal, but she wouldn't be the first or last and it's usually nothing more than a bruise :)
Oh just wait until next year when its the backhandspring on the beam. Your future is about to get much more stressful!
I'm a gymnast and I can't even watch my fellow team-mates' flyaways, they're just too scary!!!
I'm sure as long as your DD isn't hitting the bar time after time, she should be okay.
As most people have said, watching harder skills being trained is NERVE RACKING!
A better option, to lower your blood pressure and all is to just go, get a coffee, CHILL!
To be completely honest...everyone hits their feet while doing a flyaway at some point or another. I've done it, all of my teammates have, and we've all been fine. Usually there's enough momentum going so that even if she hits her feet she will still continue to flip and land.

If she's really pulling in, I would imagine that her coach is all over it, too! :)
honesty is the best policy and spoken like an experienced gymnast!:)
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