Flyaway from Giants

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Jun 26, 2009
Ack... I've recently gotten my giants on the real bar with out a spot, so my coach told me to try a layout flyaway. At first it was just fine, then when I had another coach spot me on my flyaway, I let go too late and my shins smacked the bar. It felt just fine to me, so I'm confused, and sporting a lovely bruise on my shin :knockout: I did layout flyaways in level 6, so could that relate to anything about why I let go too late? Please help me! It's getting painful!

I recently got my giants as well, and I had to learn to let go of the bar a bit earlier from a giant, because you have more momentum than you did from swings or cast flyaways. I just had my coach spot me, and if I were holding on too late, he would rip me off the bar (in the best possible way:p) so I wouldn't hit my shins. After having him spot me a couple times, I just kind of got the feeling of it, and I could do it on my own.
Good luck!:D
you could have your hands in the wrong position to be letting go of the bar when you are in the end of the giant or the beggining of the flyaway if i am undertanding right you are letting go of the bar late when you are trying t do giant into flyaways? am i understanding? ask your coach to tell you what is wrong that you are doing?!?!?! if that makes sense?! i like the :knockout: emotocon! i didn't see it in the chat list. is it new? oh well maybe just weak vision or overlooking on my part! :rolleyes:
The timing and angle of the release of the fly away is the same from a giant as it is in a tap swing. The only difference is that you are moving faster. There are many different things that could be happening with your release.

Holding on too long. This can be caused from not rotating your hands quickly enough in your giants. If you hands are behind your rotation, it may feel like you are letting go at the right time but your hands have gotten to the release point too late.

"pulling in" This happens if you close your shoulders or bend your arms or pull on the bar in any way before releasing. This causes you to fly back toward the bar.

You may want to get more comfortable with casting into a flyaway. Keep casting higher and higher until you are doing it from a handstand. This will help you get used to the flyaway that is moving faster. I try to think of it as TAP, THROW, RELEASE.
i.e. Cast to handstand and hollow down, tap (for just a normal flyaway, the tap isn't that important since you are getting plenty of rotation), Throw the bar behind your head by opening your shoulders and let go of the bar.
Once you are comfortable with the fly away from a handstand, the timing out of the giant isn't much different. Just make sure you are getting your hands on top of the bar when you are in the handstand part of your giants.
I have this same problem but i let go way to early my coaches keep sayig the same thing to hold on longer but i am scared please help me.
I think that my problem was that I could very easily in level 6 just let go of the bar when I had no speed left and then just let my hands fall to my sides. (I was VERY good at them in level 6, lol) But now I'm having a hard time getting used to the fact that I cannot and will not just stop at the right time in my giants. My coach doesn't think that I'm having a problem with it, and maybe I'm just paranoid. But he let me do the flyaway by myself again, and after I noticed he didn't spot me I got really mad and started yelling at him, lol. He spot me after that. I trust my coach, but he didn't see me smack my shins.
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