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Jul 15, 2013
Hello everyone! So last year I competed the old level 6/ xcel gold and I competed a flyaway in my routine. I never had trouble with them, they were always easy. And now this season I'm gonna compete the new level 6/7 but I need a flyaway.... More accurately a cast flyaway.
Here's my problem now when I go to do a flyways I just won't let go. This summer I've been working on cast flyaway-layout flyaways which wasn't a problem, and then earlier this week I got my cast flyaway by myself without anyone standing there and now I can't even do a regular swing flyaway without being in the foam block pit and having a coach spot me.
I know that this is all mental, and that I can do it by myself, but just any tips on getting over mental blocks would be very helpful.
Thanks for listening to me complain!!!

P.S. our first meet won't be before November.
This sounds like me in a bigger scale i started out doing swing flyaways fine moved all the way up to a double back from giants. I landed on my back and then was scared to do them(the video is on youtube). I then moved gyms and when i told the coach what happened he said ok and moved on from swing flyaways with a spot. When it was time to not spot it he would slide a relase move mat in so i felt better. After 2 days of that moving on step by step im back to doing doubles into pit and layouts onto a mat(from giants) so you could try that.
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