Flyaway Trouble

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I feel annoyed because I got my flyaway in, like, level 5, lost it, got it back, lost it again, got it back again and now I'm in level 7 prep op and I just won bars at the last meet. (I don't normally do that) Anyway, I suddenly lost it again, and I don't know why... ugh.:( I don't even let go with a spot at the pit bar. It's the same with my back walkover on beam,my awkward fear issues for no reason. Mental blockage. If anyone has any advice, it will be greatly appriciated.
Good job at that meet where u won bars!! Just pretend you are at a meet, like at the wprld championships or the olympics, and just say to yourself "ok. this is it. I gotta do it. I gotta do it!!" and just go for it! You'll be fine I promise. People lose things all the time. like my kip for example. When i was a level 5 and made it for the first time ever, i had it for a while, then lost it. then got it back. if u think you dont have any more energy in u, just give it a little more and keep trying. let me know how u do.
Congrats on bar champ! Somehow I've gotten so used to flyaways it seems like my hands let go for me :) Try not to get frustrated and just keep working at it. You'll get it eventually. Flyaways took me forever to learn because I held on too long or not long enough, so I know how annoying they can get. Just keep at it and try your best! :)
I used to be like that with them and I still have moments when I randomly get scared. I used to do them just fine for years. Like, I'd randomly climb up the high bar and do a flyaway off before warm ups and stuff like that. Then I completely lost them. It started because I used to have pretty weird technique, it worked but it was awkward. When I tried to fix it I started to think about it and realised I had no idea when and how I let go off the bar and whatever else I was doing:D
It took me four years to get over that. Granted, I wasn't even trying for most of the time, because I wasn't really doing gymnastics for 3 of those years, when I did my first uni degree. A couple of weeks ago I just reached a point where I was too annoyed by the fact that I wasn't doing them - I did them out of tap swings with two coaches first (one was our boys team coach,.. you know, the strong, motivating type). After that it all came back easily. Now, wheneever I have moments of doubt I try to think of kicking my toes to the ceiling. That way I seem to let go automatically. But for me it's really one of those skills where, mentally, I need to be in a zone. It's just swinging, keeping tight and "kicking" my toes... to me anyway;)
Thanks Everybody! All the advice helped a lot. I've got my flyaway back now. I'm going to compete bars from now on. I'm NOT going to lose this again! Anyway, thank you so much for all the great help!
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