Flyaway twisting on bars fear!

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Last practice, my coach told me that I'm going to be starting flyaway twisting again. Last time we tried, I lost my flyaway and was scared of the twist. When y coach told me, I completely freaked out, and i don't even know what I'm scared of. Are there any drills that I can do to help with this fear?
Thanks in advance.
Think about taking the skill one step at a time. You already know how to do a flyaway. Make sure you continue to do your flyaway with the correct technique (don't throw your head out!) and then simply add the twist one piece at a time. For instance, do your layout flyaway and then when you land, jump and twist. Next, do your layout flyaway and right before you land, do a half twist. Continue on until you make the full. You'll have to twist sooner for your full than you do for your half, but with the feeling, you'll get the timing.
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