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my friend and I need help on flyaways. we are pretty scared of them and need some drills to help us get over our fear and learn the movements??
Jun 3, 2009
There are a bunch of drills out there for flyaways. Here is some of my personal favorites for teaching the flyaway...

- "Dead Cow" drill.... swing and fall into the pit on your back. Make sure your arms stay by your ears and your body stays hollow and tight. Make sure when you let go when you are horizontal..

- Setup a cheese mat, or other mat, at an angle so that you can swing, let go in a hollow shape toes up on the cheese and do a backward roll down it.... check out

These are the two big drills I use. I then hand spot a lot of 'em.... Hope that helps.

Your coaches will let you know when you're ready to do it by yourself. Until then get the spot. Once you do a few with a spot or into the pit, they get easier and the fear goes away!


thank you soo much for the drills!!! i will definatly try them!!!! :)


May 28, 2009
Region I
thank you soo much for the drills!!! i will definatly try them!!!! :)

Just make sure you are trying them with a coach. :) Flyaways aren't a skill to play around with on your own.

I've always found that lots of drills into the pit, and then rotating them into the pit gazillions of times is the way to learn, provided you have a pit.
The one thing that I tell my girls that seems to help their fear is to let go when you see your toes. Often, when first learning a flyaway, they don't have the feeling of knowing where their body is. This visual cue gives them an idea of when to let go until they can get the feeling of it. As you grow stronger and more confident you will learn the feel of when to let go. Until then, spot your toes and release.
I've never been a gymnast so I cannot relate to what exactly goes on in a gymnast's head when a fly-away is executed. And, I definitely don't have a drill to offer.

It's just that from what I've seen, fly-aways tends to stand out with respect to fear over pretty much all other so called "fundamental" skills. I've seen a gymnast delaying competing at L7 after she had mastered everything else (and beyond) for over a year. They also appear to be something that can be easily "lost" (and regained later eventually) due to fear for someone who has comfortably done it for a while.

So, gymnasticsluvr19, just to let you (and your friends) know that you're not alone being scared on this. Keep up the courage and your hard work! You'll get it soon.:applause:
My coach taught us flyaways by hanging our X-mat(sting mat) on the high bar and then making us swing on the lowbar and let go when our feet were at the center so that we rotate and kinda roll off the mat on the bar.


thanks everyone for the ideas!! i am working had to get my flyawa!!


well at my gym we take two level four vaulting mats and stack them begind the bars and then we put a twelve incher going diagianol [ like a slide] down them, then we put an eitgh incher on the floow to keep the twelve incher from moving and you swing three times and then let go and roll dowm.

sorry if thats confusing
but i hope you get your flyaway!
they are not as hard as they seem & are so so so fun.:)


thanks for the drill sounds like a good one! i really want to get my flyaway!!!!
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