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I am struggling so bad with my flyaway! I can picture it perfectly off the bar... But when Im about to let go, I lose it! I need a lot of help. I've done tons of timers! What helps you? Are there any tricks (looking a toes, rolling hips etc.) that help you?

P.s. This is really frustrating me, and I have to have it by Friday!
You need to have it by yourself by Friday? Do you have a meet then?

So, I've only done a flyaway twice, both with a heavy spot... but anyway, I'm assuming you've done a ton with a spot. Well, do a few more spotted and try different techniques. Ask your coaches for some. (For example, I did my front walkover a billion times with a spot, then a billion times without a spot and I still didn't get it half the time. Then I tried a new technique that my coach told me and looked at the floor for as long as possible, and the front walkover was so much easier!! :D)

Remember that timing is very important! If you don't let go the right time- SPLAT right on your face. So don't forget about that.

Um... what else?? Well, don't forget about other minor things, because if you focus on one thing, the other things will be bad. (I was doing a front handspring on vault and the first time they told me to drive my heels over faster, but my arms were good. The next time, I drove my heels over faster but bent my arms! :p) So think about not straightening your legs and flipping backwards.

I was probably no help... sorry! But don't beat yourself up about it... :fryingpan: You'll get it soon! ;)
One thing that's really important is timing. I am currently trying to fix my fly away because I let go too early and land on my knees and sometimes my face. Try a bunch of times with your coach on the low bar with them spotting you to get the feel of it. Then try it on the high bar a few times with a spot, then try by yourself.

Good Luck!
Not open for further replies.