flying to states on Sunday....

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Jan 2, 2009
Our state meet is Sunday night (L4) and we are going to be flying there (DH is a pilot) We have offered to take a couple of other people with us (we have 3 extra seats) but either people are bringing extra family members or they are just afraid to fly (which I can totally understand- I get a little freaked out about it too, I just don't tell anyone in my family)

I digress...the point is not that we are flying, the point is that this should be the last time my DD does the level 4 routine. We finally get to move on to greener pastures. (different music!!!!:p) and we are hoping that she does a great job this weekend. Poor kid has worked so hard chasing that gold on AA, and she's always within .4 (even with great scores she has only had one gold this year)

Of course, last year states was her worst meet:( so hopefully having a really successful season will have tamed those nerves a little!

If you have any luck fairies (leprechauns, angels, anything really!) we would appreciate it much!

Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
well thats cool that you will get to fly. Makes it exciting for your DD i'm sure! It sounds like she has been working really hard and i'm with you in hoping it all pays off. Good luck!


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Feb 26, 2007
Good luck to her, hope she has a blast. I hate flying too, but I'd fly with you, it'b a very cool way to arrive!


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Best of luck to DD - I bet she will do great. I will send a bunch of fairies your way as soon as we are done with them - DD competes tomorrow @ 10:30
Sep 19, 2008
I will send good luck teething rings your way (not as good as fairies, but hey I'm buried in 'em with a 8 month old!) I can send you the caramel macchiatto fairy, so all is not lost! Very best of luck, and yay for arriving in style! Jet-set gymnastics crew is the way to go; I remember having to get creative with the seatbelt in the backseat so I could sleep on long trips! Have a blast while you're there :)


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
How exciting...

Hope she has an AWESOME goodbye to L4 meet!:)

Sending fairies, angels, smiles, and good luck dust!
Jan 9, 2008
Good Luck to your daughter!! My daughter will also be there we are competiting there on Sunday the middle session. I am nervous for her and I hope she does good. Last year she did not qualify so I am really excited for her, we actually have one more level 4 meet after this one.


Good luck to your DD and Good Bye Level 4! I'm sure she'll have a great meet!
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