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Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
tl;dr - 2 practices since before Christmas = meet with 1st place on 3 events and 2nd place AA.

Hi. As some of you know, YG's LSS ("little" stepsister ... just turned 15) is the ONLY one of my girls competing this season.
The coach let her choose whether to repeat Gold or go to Platinum. Since last year was her first year at Gold. They had 4 meets ... if you count the intrasquad meet that we had after a scheduled meet was canceled. She chose to repeat Gold because she didn't have everything she wanted to have to move up.

Fast Forward to this past August, when practices resumed after the July break with a new practice schedule. There were 2 choices (4:30-6:30 or 6:00-8:00 3 days a week). She can only go to practice two days a week because she added competition dance to her schedule and her dance team meets on one of the gym days. She can't go to the later practice because our "driver" works 10:30pm-7:00am. The earlier practice is mostly Levels 2-4, so LSS is often in a group of 1. It does allow her to get through everything faster.

Fast Forward to December, and the team Christmas party was December 20. It was a combination party/open gym. LSS was considering working on bars, but the lines for that and everything else were long because the entire team was there. She decided to just hang out with her friends that normally go to the later practice. This means that the last time she practiced was December 16. The gym was closed from after the party until January 3. The next meet was January 22 (9 practices for most of the girls and 6 practices for LSS to be ready).
We were planning on going to gym on Jan. 3, but there was a possibility that we had all been exposed to Covid so we didn't go. Thankfully, everyone was negative. That Thursday she was going to go to gym, but her older step-brother and his fiancée both tested positive Wednesday. Even though SHE wasn't around them, she WAS around people who were around them. So we needed to hold off again. Then, we had her test on Monday (Jan 10) before coming to our house after school. The home test was positive, but she was asymptomatic. Positive test = no gym. Her mom took her to get the PCR test that evening thinking it might have been a false positive. The next day the results were the same - positive. She had to isolate from everyone because the rest of the family were ALL negative.
County Health Department said she could go back to life (as long as she wore a mask) starting Sunday as long as she was still asymptomatic. We didn't go to gym Monday (Jan 17) because there was no school AND our driver had to go in to work early. I talked to HC about LSS coming in on Friday (when she wouldn't have to wear the mask while actively practicing) and we got permission. On Thursday (Jan 20), she went to practice for the first time in a MONTH. She had to wear her mask during practice, so she needed to limit what she did (asthma, mostly exercise-induced ... and at a regular practice, she would need her inhaler 2-3 times). She did bars and beam that day and was done in 45 minutes. So second practice of the year Friday (Jan 21). She practiced all 4 events a little bit. We limited bars because we really didn't want her to rip the evening before a meet. On beam, she practiced basics. On floor, she did "lines" and 4 cross tumbling passes. Then she did a dance thru of her routine. The second time, she added half of her tumbling. After that, she did 4 vaults. After that, she was ready to go. We took her home. I told her that her kips looked better than ever and that sometimes a break is the BEST thing because it gives minor injuries a chance to heal and it can help you get out of your own head.
Today, Saturday, Jan 22, she had her 3rd meet of the season (7th XG meet of her career). She was worried about the lack of practice. She was considering scratching beam, but we had talked about options that would still get her a decent score without scratching.

Her personal best UB score for this season went up by 1.5 points and she was 1st place. She scored the same score on BB that she got last meet. Her FX score was down a little... but she was 1st place in her age group. On vault, she also got the same score she had last meet, but she was 1st place in her age group.
I have noticed this too, my daughter has the odd skill now and then which she can work months and months on and not get then after a holiday like christmas, lock down breaks or vaccation she gets it within a week back! I suspect its a combination of allowing muscles to heal and a break from the mental block
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