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im new here along with some others. im a 15 year old former gymnast. quit as a level 6 gymnast at age 11. absolutely love gymnastics, would still be in it if it didnt kill my body.
Jul 21, 2007
Hey welcome here, i'm Tori, 16 years old and also a former gymnast. I still love it, but it also killed my body. Well great to "meet" you!
hey im steph i just joined i was a level 10 at the age of 10 but now im a level 6 and im 16 i know it sounds weird but if u wanna know wat happened just ask it is killin my body but im still workin at it so yea if u wanna msn me go ahead [email protected]

ur a gymnast now never forget that-just like you'll never forget to point your toes


^^^Don't be. You're the one here who did tumbling first though, right? Sometimes it's a tough transition when you're not used to doing all events(cough, cough:bars) :)
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