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I am going to tell you right now you are not even going to believe this! Today we had a meet, the Greater NY Invitational meet. Last year it was my DD's best meet so all season long we've been looking forward to it knowing the history, LOL

We are in the second session and report time was 12:30, meet starts at 1pm. I love this meet because you can go shopping. They have a GK vendor there with some nice deals and some other stuff too. I ended up getting DD a candy gram and bought a leo (put away for Christmas) and also a leo for her American Girl Doll that I was also going to put away but ended up giving it to her. I'll tell you why later.

Meet is huge, lots of girls in the session, a long one for sure. DD goes on bars first. No problem, she loves bars, does well in practice but never got over a 9.0. Today she does bars and flies off the bars and in trying to stick the landing makes huge arm circles, LOL, but gets a 9.1 for her personal best! Next up is beam, and you all know how much the beam has been that thorn in the side for us all season long. She sticks the leap and gets another personal best of 8. 850. Next up is floor, where she has made lots of improvements from last year and at the sectional got a she scores a 9.2 another personal best for her. This meet is unbelieveable! As a parent you pray for this momment when your DD finally has that day she's worked so hard for. I am all smiles in disbelief at the scores she is getting so is looking like at least a 36 AA, maybe better since Vault is last and she always gets 9.0 or better. happens...LIGHTS OUT! The generator kicks in and a couple girls get to do some more routines while our girls are warming up only on vault. Another gym went before us and completed their rotations on vault when the power went out AGAIN! Now they have the L4 girls doing floor routines without music and the USAIGC girls are doing their floor routines w/out music as well. We start to go on vault and the meet director announce everyone to STOP what they are doing right away! Some poor girl was on beam and fell off and girls on floor in the middle of FX didn't know what to do, but he kept yelling for everyone to STOP! It was kinda of scarey as we didn't know what was going on, but now it seemed very serious. He announces there is a huge accident in the area and the generator at this college only has about 15 minutes left of light so we have to go, find our girls and leave immediately! The vault is on the other side of the gym and they were trying to get the rest of our girls over, but I am not sure they all did. My DD only got one vault in for a 9.1 so I am not 100% sure this will even count. If it did, she just got a AA 36.250!!!! HOLY SCHMOLY! As we are leaving right away she is crying uncontrollably. I think it's because she knows she did well and was looking forward to the awards afterwards, but then she says she wanted a team picture like last year in front of picture of lite up buildings backdrop. She cried for about 20 min in the car and was really upset over the meet ending abruptly. I suppose it has to do with the hype/addrenalin for each event and then no resolution? She is fine now at home. Of course I had to give her the American Girl doll outfit early because she really had a phenomenal day and I felt bad she had nothing at all. We don't even know how our team did since it was a team evnt too, but all of our girls did good. One girls got a 9.7 on the floor even! If the 36AA counts, my DD gets her name added to the "36 club" at the gym, but who knows now. Gosh I am just so proud of her today, even if it was the "freak meet" she did better than I ever imagined she could do!
Holy moly I think I would've bought her the whole American Girl doll after that experiece. She did a fabulous job and yes that vault score will count, some girls only do one sometimes. What a fab AA.

I am truly sad that it ended in a scary way without her being able to enjoy her moment. Hopefully the meet directors will come up with a way to make the awards happen even if they have to send a package to each gym.

Tell her I think she is amazing, to improve on everything is wonderful.

I really feel sorry for the organisers, what a nightmare.
Look at it this way - she will NEVER forget the first meet where she got a 36AA :D

She did great and you should both be proud. It must have been very scary though !!!
wow!!! and you were all worried about her never crossing that 36. LOL. :D she will definitely NEVER forget her first 36AA. :D
wow:) She did awesome:)
She has made so much improvement:)
36 club is a great place to be:)
did you take video?? Can we see:)
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Oh my gosh - what a fiasco. Regardless of what happens officially - she still did score a 36.25 - which is so awesome !!!! I'm sure the meet director will send medals and stuff to the gyms for the girls who placed on events. When we were in NY we were at a meet where the computer crashed and they couldn't do awards after and they sent the trophies and medals to each gym that attended a few days later. Hopefully they do that in this case. Congrats to your dd on a great meet :)
That's crazy! I mean, it sounds like she had an awesome meet, but the craziness with the lights and the generators.... yikes!

I hope that her scores do count and she gets to be a part of the 36 club!
That's crazy.. poor kid! I'm glad she scored a 36! I'm sure it will be memorable. lol Congrats on making the 36 club!!! :)
Wow that does sound like a freaky meet! Must have been a little scary with the lights going out & all:scared:. Congrats to DD's on her 1st 36 AA! Yes, it will be memorable for her & you no doubt:)!
O my goodness! How crazy is that!?!

And bless her little broken heart! I can't even imagine having one of my best meets and have the rug pulled out from under me. It just doesn't seem very fair. Maybe her gym will indeed put her in the 36 AA club. She deserves it!
That is Insane! A meet you guys will never forget!

I am glad to hear she did so well under the difficult circumstances! Just think what she can do when everything goes well!
First off, I have to say A GREAT BIG congrats to J on all of her personal bests! She has worked so hard, and I don't blame her one second for being upset - heck, as an adult I would be upset if a competition I was doing my personal best at ended suddenly - and with all of the craziness! Wow... I almost want to say the guy could have handled it a little better LOL, but not being there guess I really can't say. Did you find out if her scores stood??

btw, hope no one was seriously injured in the accident. Did you get onfo on it?
WOW 36 CLUB! what an achievement ! I do not blame her for being upset I wouldn't want to leave without my awards either.Where all the girls able to finish all there routines?
Um.... wow. That definitely sounds like a story for the grandchildren. Fabulous that she did so well, though!!
Our team was there during the blackout/generator fiasco but not me or my DD's (we had cheering comp, will post separately). Historically, our team has always done well at GNY. I bet with that AA of over 36 and your dd's age group, she might have even gotten a trophy! I heard they are going to mail the awards??

Yes, I know your team was there...just didn't know which one, LOL, which "pretty leo" were your girls in? Funny how I always seem to love other team leos & colors.

We also do well at that meet, our L5's were in the session before us and got 3rd place team I think. I knew my DD would get a real confidence boost here. I spoke to the coach really quick tonight and she said they haven't even heard for the host gym yet. While she got all our girls over the vault (one each) not everyone was able to finish their rotations so probably nothing would count & probably no awards. My DD was hysterical on the way home from practice after hearing that. At this age they don't seem to understand & I kept telling her probably nobody would get anything, not just her, and that there were plenty of upset gymmies from that session.

As far as I can tell they haven't even posted the scores. I am not sure they will even post any from that session. Not sure how they will handle it. Of course I have no experience in running meets but if it were up to me I might just figure out & award the three rotations that did get completed and then do AA/team according to that. It was just a greak think and as others said...a meet to remember!

Yes, I know your team was there...just didn't know which one, LOL, which "pretty leo" were your girls in? Funny how I always seem to love other team leos & colors.

We are red, silver & blue, the leo's are new and IMHO the red looks pink. There were probably 4 level 4's there....2 blondes, a redhead & one with dark hair.
That really sucks about the meet possibly not counting, no awards. I would go get her a special trophy if you have a place out there. With her score, etc. Unless that won't work for her. My DD is only 6 and I know that would fix it. Celebrate that 36AA with her your own way. Is there somewhere you could "present" it to her, like at a special dinner or something?

Hugs to her. I can imagine how disappointed she was, especially since she really was looking forward to that meet and then did so awesome. Poor thing.
Oh and your club should definitely put in her the 36Club. That just doesn't seem fair if they don't. It might help her feel better, too.
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