Free hip to kip (level 6 routine)

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The free hip to kip in the level 6 routine i dont know how to do how am i supposed to do this skill any andvice will be taken i seem to do the free hip but wen i come down i hit my feet on the mat i dont know how to keep my legs up and get to the kip plz plz plz help
Thank You!!!!!:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
Feb 3, 2009
Try working on just a cast to horizontal with your shoulders over the bar, then push away and just do a glide. Another good drill to strengthen your abdominal muscles to keep your feet from hitting is to hang on the bar in a L position with your legs horizontal for as long as you can. Once you can do this easily, try piking more and holding that position. These are just a few things to get you started. Work hard at them and I believe you'll improve. :)
Sep 19, 2008
You need to try to hold your legs up much higher than in a normal glide. Check youtube for some videos. For a straddled glide for example you'll see lots of girls, especially taller ones, bringing there legs up nearly to the bar as if they're going into a stalder when they push away from the bars. Same thing for legs together glides


I had a similar problems, and practicing hanging leg lifts helped me with the core strength. You can look for more info here
However, now I seem to through my head back (whiplash) every time, which is even worse :confused:


D: I have the same problem. I can do 3 kips in a row (no casts, no feet dragging) if I'm not tired, but I can't connect it to a clear hip. Of course, I just got my clear hip and have been on vacation for a while, so I haven't quite figured it out yet. I would say keep working the connection even if your feet hit, and try to do it when you're not tired, because it will be easier. Make sure when you swing under for your keep, you're pushed far away from the bar.
Jun 26, 2009
Same here! When ever I cast enough to make a decent clear hip my legs clip the ground on my kip-up and it kills my speed (then i can't make my squat on). It's very frustrating! I do know though from watching my fellow gymnasts that to make your kip you need to definitely push up at the end of your clear-hip, not out. Pushing out makes it very hard to pull of that kip!
Sep 19, 2008
To practice getting under the bar after a clear hip my old coach set up a block with a squishy mat in front of it. We'd clear hip and then try to smack our feet on the mat rather than go for the kip. It was set up a bit close to the bar at first, we were allowed to have a hip angle. As we got better at it it moved farther back, until we could barely reach our toes and were in a fully stretched out glide. It's easy to get caught up in the kip and mess up the glide before it!


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I have the same problem! First, you need to make sure that you can do push-away kips without your feet tapping the ground. If not, work on L holds on a low bar and hold that for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then you could try to do a free hip to a glide swing and make sure you don't touch your feet!! It is mainly core strenth, and you just have to work on being able to hold your feet up. Good luck!


As you complete the clear hip and go into the kip bring your toes back towards the bar before extending them out for the glide.

Here are a few good drills:
1. Kip cast sole circle dismount
2. Kip cast away kips
3. Cast toes by bar kip

Also, lots and lots of belly and leg conditioning to get strong.
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