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Apr 17, 2022
A few weeks ago we moved gyms for multiple reasons but a driving factor was my DD was too old to be on team.
My DD’s friend told us about her gym. We went tried out and she made XCEL Silver.
Here comes the issue - her friend is Xcel Bronze and is quite upset my DD made Silver. They are the same age and go to the same school. But as I explained to my DD she has been doing gymnastics for years vs her friend starting in Sept of last year. She has the skills to be on Silver and everyone grows at their own pace.
The other girl is now getting upset at practice and it’s kinda of making my DD uncomfortable as she is the new kid and trying find her footing at the new gym and still showing the coaches skills she has because it’s only been 3 sessions.
I am hoping this is just a phase and things settle. I assume it is normal for kids to be upset if another moves up in levels and the other doesn’t for the first weeks?
This is normal right?
I think this is totally normal. Kids don’t progress at the same pace. Some kids move up when others don’t, and they may catch up a few years down the road. The first year this happens is tough, but they eventually get used to seeing the ebb and flow of moving up or not. And she will make new friends and get close to girls at each level. Just give it some time and patience.
Totally normal, but also not fun when your kid is on either side of it! Mine has been on both sides and with age/maturity it gets much easier to navigate.
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