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What the coolest thing a friend has ever done for you?

Besides throwing me a surprise bday party, my friend has done some others. The best thing so far happened a few nights ago. She knows I've been struggling a bit with beam and Friday morning at school, she handed me a full hand-written page of quotes, because she knows how much I like them. It meant so much to me because she took the time out of her busy life(work, volleyball, basketball, and homework) to do something sweet for me.
Jan 12, 2008
Thats so nice of her! you're lucky to have such a great friend!

Well, before my first provincial competition my friend made me a really nice card and said she'd be thinking of me... it was 5 hours away otherwise she would have come to cheer me on. Also when i broke my finger she was there for me, and I was really glad to have her. Its really nice to have someone who even if they don't understand what you're going through, they still try their best to help.

Dec 8, 2007
well my friends know im being really nice when I skip open gym to hang out with them. lol that should mean a lot to them.


My two best friends in the entire world (elizabeth and caroline.they're twins!)
invited me to the american idol tour concert! And they said we'll probably go in a limo because their mom will be too tired to drive! oh AND WE'RE 17TH ROW! We are all really into American Idol.....I got them into it this season and we're all DAVID COOK fans!!!!
They're awesome! I have known them since 1st grade!!!!!


my friends kidnapped me for my birthday and we went out to eat and stuff. it was really fun!
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