Front/Back Walkovers, Splits Flexibility

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Dec 5, 2015

For a front walkover, I keep putting my phone down in the middle/towards the end of when I am standing up. How do you keep your foot from touching the ground when you are coming up? I can do a front limber also.

For a back walkover, I can do a backbend kickover on the floor. However, how do you go back into the backbend one one foot? It seems so scary and I also can't kick immediately out of it. I can go into a backbend, pause, and kick over, but I cannot go into a backbend from standing with one foot then kick over immediately as soon as my hands touch the floor. I am really tall, so it is hard for my teacher to spot me sometimes on things like back walkovers so if there are any exercises I can practice on my own before getting a spot, it would help. I can do back walkovers with a spot, but I feel like they are really scary. I feel like my arms will give out sometimes and I will fall on my head, and going back on one foot is super hard. I try to start with my foot on the ground and then have it go up when I go backwards, but I always bail out because it's hard to balance and is just too scary.

Additionally, I can do the splits on my right side (I am a righty!) and I have my middle splits. However, for left splits, I am super close but I can never get them flat and it has been like this for maybe six months. How do I get the left split flat?

I work on my back/shoulder flexibility and splits a lot because I know that being able to do the tricks requires lots of back/shoulder/split flexibility.

Thank you!
For the splits, oversplits are the solution. If you have it almost down, gravity can't do too much. In an oversplit (really high, chair or bed) it Will be a lot easier. It helped me getting my bad leg split and a lot of girls on my team are working on it. Also you can have someone push you down ( i had a girl do a straddle hold on my shoulders once while i was in an oversplit, i do not recommend that though...)
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