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Feb 21, 2012
Region 6
Hellllo, I am wondering what people have to say for tips on front handspring front tucks.. I am working on getting mine and so are a lot of people on my team.. I, personally need help turning it over faster.. does that mean kicking harder when you're upside down? I try to do that but still don't end up at vertical/ past vertical. How can I do that? If I could turn it over faster i'd be all set. I've done it on the floor 3 times before, but i guess i got lucky.

any help would be appreciated!! c:
Usually the problem you think it is isn't actually the problem. The most common mistake I've seen is hip and knee angles breaking on the take off..if you can do a punch front then the issue probably isn't your rotation. Post a video if you really want an option on it!
Try working on just your front handspring with fewer steps into your run. or with less speed on your run. You'll end up learning how to do a better handspring if you are forced to rely on your handspring technique instead of just over powering the skill with your run. Try just a set of five like this every day, more if you can, before going on to a full speed front handspring front.
Assuming you can do both a punch front and a fhs, we know the skills themselves aren't the problem. Your problem could be a lot of different things, but make sure your fhs technique is good, because if it isn't, it'll be hard to do the front tuck.
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