Front Giants

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Sep 21, 2008
You can use straps two ways..

Put your hands in normally, and do wrong-way giants.

Put your hands in reversed, and swing until comfortable, then try front giants.

For stalders, here are a few good links.

For front giants, Start by doing back uprises. Then get a back uprise with your hips higher, until eventually you get to a handstand and go over :-D

Good luck!!


i kno wat u should do!!!

okay so to put ur hands in:

-first face the strap bar on the oposite side of which u normally start.

- next put ur arms out in front of you and bend them upward so that the tips of ur fingers face u and stick ur hands through the straps.

- once ur hands are through the straps, u want to wrap ur hands in the straps so that ur thumbs face outward and the inside of ur wrists face you.

- i also just learned how to do this a coulple weeks ago so i started by pulling over into front support then doing a small cast and doing large swings the first time. wen u are comfortable, do larger swings so that u get up to hand stand and go over into the giants.

-starting from handstand, fall as straight as possible with ur head in and ur arm pits pushed open

- at about 8 o'clock u want to start piking up into the handstand again!


- stay piked from the beginning and u will automatically stop!

GOOD LUCK you'll get it!!!!
Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
i've put my hands in backwards in the strap bar before. I just put my hands through the loops on the bottom and then instead of twisting my hands to the outside of the loops and putting them the normal way, i just twist them towards the inside of the loops and put them in reverse grip. it works good.



okay so i have two drills for u!
1- put a floor bar right on the edge of the pit. then kick to handstand with ur back facing the pit and ur hands like a front giant. fall into the pit while still holding the bar. this helps you get the feel for the fall.

2- under the floor bar put a small block and behind it put a big big block behind it. start on the small block facing the bar with arms outstretched in front of u. grab hold of the bar in reverse grip. from there, jump up onto the big block that should be behind u. as u do this shift ur wrists so that they are on top of the bar. on the big block make sure ur chest is way up in a hollow position. This drill is to help with positioning and shifting.

oh and 3- under both the high bar and low bar put two 8 inchers. then put one more over the low bar so u dont smash into it! jump up onto the high bar facing away from the low bar. do a couple swings in reverse grip. then on the last one, do a big swing and shift ur hands at the same time. ( i suggest having a coach spoting u so u dont crash!)
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