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May 19, 2014
Lately I have been coaching a lot of classes where the kids are working on front handsprings and one thing that I have been seeing a few kids do is start out the front handspring great, but then they somehow can't snap their toes over to get up to a stand. Its like they are doing a running handstand to bridge. I have tried a million different ways to do front handsprings-- going up a wedge and landing on an 8" mat or using a panel mat for hands and doing it over, using a spring board into an 8" (hands go on the edge of the board) BUT some of them just don't get that snap over. I've tried explaining it as a kick or a snap but it doesn't really work.

Does anyone have a solution-- drills, stations, conditioning exercises, etc?

Thanks in advance!
Have them do headsprings with their heads on a folded panel mat (no run). At first, you'll want them to stop in the bridge position and slowly stand up. Once they have this down pat, then they can start to spring to their feet in a tight arch.
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front h spring up onto a soft 8 inch mat, to tight arch, hold the tight arch with arms up and lightly push the kids to belly on the mat holding tight arch position,
soft mat. this puts the focus on the hurdle , push and landing position, and helps to eliminate the urge to sit up. do this for a few weeks.
Have them practice front handsprings over a wheel (the kind normally used for BHS drills). Short run, hands go on the floor in front of the wheel, the rest of the front handspring snaps over the top and their feet land on the other side. If they don't snap/kick at least a little bit, they won't make it over. They'll probably be slow at first so you may want to spot to ensure they get over the first few tries, but with a couple practices this drill usually works great, esp. for beginners.
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