Front Handspring Vault Help???

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Dec 12, 2015
I've always struggled with my front handspring vault. Honestly, I don't think it's improved much at all since I first started working on it! Anyways, my vault is terrible, I struggle to reach a complete handstand, and I never can seem to get enough flight to get to that position. If I do get to handstand, I can never block, so I take a few steps across the table to I don't hit my back. I really don't know if there is anything left to do! Please give me any advice, and possibly some drills or exercises I can do!

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I found that running 10x faster helped me, and making sure I hurdled big. I ran so fast and punched so hard and blocked so hard out of my shoulders that I blocked so large that I didn't know how or what to do. Run fast, punch hard, condition like never before and don't be scared to go big.
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Jenna Marie

Dec 13, 2015
Hurdling big is SUPER important so you have enoght power. when you start hurdling imaging there is lava on the ground! ths helps a lot.


Oct 17, 2015
A drill that our gym does, where you use a mat about as tall as the vault (we use whale mats) and put it at the end of a trampoline tumble track
and you use it like a normal vault, but you do a flat back. This helps you get used to the position of a handstand you should hit before hitting the vault, and it's easier to get to the hand stand because of the trampoline. Sorry if this is confusing , just let me know if you are confused and I will figure out a better way to explain.


Oct 3, 2011
The Gym
Depending on your setting, put the vault hand mat (this was when I was younger so you might need to use something different) and you put it vertical between the board and the vault to you have to get to the handstand.


Jan 30, 2016
I had the same problem! What helped me was to run hard (it might take a while to get used to running fast) and make sure when you jump on the board you jump exactly where the springs are to get as much power as you can. If that doesn't work, talk to your coach about making the height of the table lower


May 30, 2016
Working run technique really helped me. Watch some videos of Olympic level vaults and pay close attention to how they run. Build up speed, swing your arms and stay off of your heels. Make sure you don't slow down towards the table. A huge hurdle is really helpful. If you arm circle(I recommend it), make sure you keep your arms close to your body throughout their rotation(if that makes sense) and don't let them bend(straight arms will go faster). Jump hard, and THEN (PREFLIGHT!!) -with your arms by your ears- land straight onto the vault. Make sure you keep your head in. Remember to block. Hope this helps:)
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