Front Hip Circles

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Oct 12, 2008
Hello all, as a former male gymnast I have not had much use for front hip circles. I did a few of them but they were never in any of my routines and when I did optionals I never needed them.

Fast-forward to today. 90% of my classes are with (you guessed it) girls. Front hip circles are a necessity. I have a basic understanding of the body mechanics and how it should be done.

1.Press the bar down the thigh into a slightly hollow position.
2. Lean over the bar keeping body tight so that the body achieves a horizontal position.
3. "wrap" around the bar by piking and pulling the chest around the bar "up to" the knees. Knees should be kept as high as possible in order to load for the cast.

Notes: Hands should shift when the pike is initiated. Arms/Legs straight throughout.

I guess what I'm asking is if any coaches out there see any problems with any of this or have any suggestions if they see something missing. As noted earlier I have very little personal experience with these and as such I'm not 100% confident when I teach these. Any drills would also be appreciated.
Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
I am a parent but used to compete when I was younger and coached rec classes as a teenager. Everything you said sounds like the mechanics of how to do the skill.

My DD was 5 and having trouble learning her front hip circle needed for her Level 4 routine due to either going too slow or dropping her bottom as she rotated around the bar. I don't normally 'coach' at home because I feel she learns better through being coached in the gym (sorry in advance to all you coaches) but due to her intense frustration I started working with her. I used a simple front hip circle drill that I had not seen used in our gym and she had it on her own very soon after. If you search 'front hip circle drill' on youtube you should find the drill I am talking about. This drill gave my daughter a better idea of how to do the skill without a coach 'providing' the momentum she needed through being spotted and taught her to keep her bottom up going around the bar.

On the youtube version, the gymnast does not use the proper mechanics (ie. raise to her thighs at the beginning or hollow, etc.), make sure you teach and emphasize the proper mechanics while using the drill for the girl to 'make it around' on her own...

If you try it, you will have to let me know if it works for you...
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