Front limber to kickover

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Dec 21, 2008
When doing a front limber to a back kickover, I have been told I need more control when doing the front limber, I kind of just flop my feet to the mat(working them on a higher mat right now to start). What are some good exercises to do to help control my front limber for less foot plopping:D?
Feb 3, 2009
Hi Nicci,
For a front limber you need to shift your weight to avoid the flopping onto your feet. As you near the handstand position and begin arching, shift your weight so your shoulders are behind your hands, not over them or in front of them. You can practice this by doing a handstand in a small arch a bit away from a wall with your feet on the wall. Kinda rock back and forth shifting your weight to learn the position. Also, really squeezing your butt can help slow it down. Squeezing the butt also helps in the kickover! I hope this helps. :)
I haven't seen you try it, so I can't say that this applies to you. I have a gymnast right now that does the same thing. What she does is to kick straight through the handstand. She never truly hits it. So when she is practicing her front limber, she has to hold the handstand, say "I love gymnastics," then push her shoulders back and arch. The point is -- make sure that you have a good tight controlled handstand before you begin to limber.
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