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Nov 9, 2022
So I can easily do a front tuck (at least on a rod and tumble trak- still kinda working on it on floor) but I don't get how to do a front pike.
I've heard that just straighten your legs out in the tuck- and I've tried it but it doesnt work.
Any suggestions?
(Also- I'm kinda cautious about the fact that I don't know how to land it- when don I bend my knees to land?)
As far as technique, it's identical to a tuck, you just need a little more height and rotation.

For the landing, it's better to bend too early than too late. Ideally, it goes high enough that you can open out at the end before landing; in the real world, that won't happen when you're first learning it.

I would do lots of front pikes on more forgiving surfaces. Trampoline, tumbletrak, a springboard to an 8-inch, etc.
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For me, I see front pikes as a completely different skill from front tucks. The entry is the same, but with a front pike you want to get more hight because opening out of the flip takes longer than for a tuck. You don't want to tuck at all when it comes to a pike, pretty much just look up, punch, and pull your chest to your legs by grabbing the back of your legs.
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