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Jun 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
I've been training front saults for beam, and they're now ready to go.

My big problem is that the landing absolutely KILLS my feet, it stings so much. My first day of them I did 4 from 4 to feet; it felt like my feet were bruised and I was in pain and unable to tumble or jump well for a week.

So, question. How do you stop your feet hurting so much?


Many people will put a square of carpet (with a rubber back) on the beam to cushion the landing. I do this for roundoffs, too. You can also get padding that will velcro around the beam to land on, although that's not ideal because it makes the beam fatter. Carpet doesn't change the dynamics too much so I'd be fine letting a kid use carpet for practice and just taking it off for meets. You should also ask your coach if you are landing correctly. Front tucks are hard on the feet, but there may be something about the landing you can tweek to make them a bit more feet-friendly.


Jul 5, 2007
Are you shifting weight to the balls of your feet as you land? Generally most people I know don't train front tucks with nothing on the beam for general daily practice (as opposed to before a meet, or during routines before a meet), but if you're landing too flat footed the impact hurts more through your legs.
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