Front Walkover (on Beam)

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Ok, so I just started working my front walkover on beam on wednesday. I got it on thursday.
But right now I can only do it on the medium hieght beam. (abt. 2 ft, maybe higher off the ground)
I have this fear issue with beam, and even if I have a skill perfect on lower beams, it takes me sooooo long to get myself to do it on high beam.
Any tips on overcoming my fear??
For one thing I'd look at the quote in your sig and think about that! :) And another thing I find works is to move it onto the high beam but with mats stacked up on either side to basically the height of the beam. Get it with the mats at that level and then take a mat off. Get it at that and then take another off...until you can do it with no mats!


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I have the same problem you do, and i do what flippinlolly suggested, stacking mats under the beams. It helps a lot, then you just take mats away, one by one, when you feel ready.


Thanks for the advice! I'm gonna try that next practice.
Again, thank you sooooo much.
I hope it helps!!!!!!!!!
Oh and it's true, i should definitely listen to my signature! lol ;)


Ok, so I just started working my front walkover on beam on wednesday.
Any tips on overcoming my fear??

So you just started working this skill a few days ago and can't understand why you are scared? FWO on beam is a big skill, give yourself a little time.

Try picking some key words to work yourself through the skill, like "straight, push, squeeze" Straight in your lever, push as your front foot leaves the beam, squeeze through the end of the skill.

Also try keeping a tally of the number of times you have made the skill so you can work your way through the fear rationally. Do it where you are comfortable and keep track of your numbers. As you see that you have done it successfully 100, 200, 500 times (everyone's number may not be the same) you will feel more confident moving to higher beam.

Good Luck!
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