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Jun 26, 2007
Ontario, Canada
While I live in Canada where everyone gets individual routines, I can begin to imagine how it might be. At my gym the floor routines in the interclub (older, lower level competitive)program are often recycled for years on end. There was one routine that had 4 gymnasts doing it for the first 2 years that it was used (it has driven me insane since the first year), and then didn't get retired for about 8 years. Although there is another routine that has been around for almost as long that I still like, but it never had more than 2 gymnasts doing it at once.

Rec Coach

My club does Interclub as well and as the owners and coaches we refuse to let any piece of music go on for more than 3 years - 2 years is plenty even with only 2 girls with the same song! I can't IMAGINE the annoyance of watching a large L4/5/6 meet!


I have to agree with a large number of level 4's not making it to optionals. When my dd was level 4 there were 15 girls on her level 4 team. Now only 4 of them are still doing gymnastics. I think as you go up in levels not only do the skills get harder - but so does the time commitment.
Oct 1, 2007
Campbell, CA

Hi Coach:

I tried to post the other day but had not logged in and I lost what I had written. I didn't log on because, I thought, I was still logged on from a prior date. I had spent almost an hour writing that post. I hadn't saved it and I was too tired, and busy, to do it again. I will post again soon. We have one more meet before level 8 states in NorCal. I am getting nervous and anxious and it is hard for me to concentrate on writing in this condition. I am one of those truly gymnastics obsessed dads. But I still read the Chalk Talk all the time.



Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
I would be soooo happy to be wrong on that music thing. Especially if my dd reaches L5 before then - am I the only one who thinks that floor music sounds like a strip tease?

OMG that is the joke around our gym! I've been listening to this since my older DD was a level 5, so I've had enough! Even if my younger one stays at L5 again next yr, some new music would be nice!

Some say that routines change with Olympic years, but the USAG website shows elements that are from 2005-2013.
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