Frustrated With Myself

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I'm a perfectionist, I am someone who gets frustrated with myself very easily, and I get super frustrated when I get a correction and I can't fix it (when I'm trying really hard) I'm really sorry if this doesn't make any sense, I can re-explain it. Does anyone have any tips/tricks for not beating myself up for doing things wrong?
I know exactly what your talking about!! I'm the same way so I get it. It is really hard to be a perfectionist and be a gymnast, but it can also be helpful. I've found that just trying to talk yourself out of those thoughts that say, "Ugh what's wrong with me why am I not doing this when I know I can." And beating yourself up over it, tell yourself to calm down and think about the problem and the corrections you receive and figure out how to do it better instead of just saying OK and doing the same thing again, if you get that! A lot of times when I keep trying the skill and mess up each time, I start getting frustrated with myself and find that walking away from that skill for the day or for a few moments to get your head back together is a good thing to do. If I continue to do it the annoyed attitude I gets worse and it makes it even harder to do the skill so try to take a break for a bit. Also, visualizing yourself doing that skill perfectly will help you to believe you can do it right which will help you to do it right. If you are struggling to correct something you could try watching someone do the skill really well or finding a video of that skill being executed perfectly. Hope these help!!
I'm also a perfectionist! It helps me to remind myself that nobody is perfect and it's okay if I can't fix something immediately.
Not open for further replies.