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Sep 19, 2013
hi all. New to posting but thought maybe I would seek advice. My daughter is 9 competes on a t&t team at a smaller gym. This is her third year on team and fifth year there. She loves it. That is all they offer is t&t classes. She also has been going to another gym close because she went to an afterschool program there. They do artistic gymnastics and she takes a weekly rec class for fun there that she also loves. She has for the last five years. Now her t&t coach told me that she can't take her rec class there or any other program I just don't get it and don't know how to tell her that she has to choose. It just doesn't seem fair.
That's so hard! I know the kids don't get it. I see both sides of it. My DD has been at gyms that allow it and is now at one that doesn't allow it. We are in reverse though. My ODD is an artistic gymnast and used to love doing open gym at her t&t sister's gym. It's no longer allowed. Both my kids lose on that proposition (as do I, since it was myself and my hubby's regular date night). Some gyms don't want their gymnasts coached by other coaches, some think other gyms may teach bad habits, and some may be hoping to prevent poaching. I can say that there does seem to be a difference in how some skills are taught between t&t and artistic. Once you join team you do sign up to follow team policies, even when it stinks. Have you spoken to the coaches about the reasoning?
This is a tough one as I do see a little of both sides...if it is still her aftercare, I don't think they can make you change that as it is your care who you finish working.
I understand not wanting bad habits/other gyms influence, but they wouldn't care if she was dancing, ice skating, playing lacrosse or softball....I guess I see artistic as so different except the tumbling, it is almost far enough distanced that it couldn't hurt her... Sorry you are in this position
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