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Nov 17, 2021
Hi! My cousin is a gymnast and has a full turn as a requirement in her floor routine. She is really frustrated because she can’t get it, and the rest of her training group all mastered it months ago. She follows her coaches advice to squeeze her core and stay tall, but it’s just not clicking. I was wondering if anyone could give a step by step or any tips that helped them or their daughter? I feel really bad for her….she’s trying so hard but it’s not working.

She turns on her right foot with her left at her knee, with her left knee straight out in front.
She always “falls out” of the turn and seems like she is having to stop her left foot into the ground to not fall over if that makes sense.
Also, sometimes she doesn’t quite get the complete turn in before she falls and sometimes she turns too much…it’s just very inconsistent (which makes it even harder to fix)

thank you so much for any help!!


Proud Parent
Sep 13, 2016
Is she using her head to spot? In dance, your turning is controlled by your head. Pick a spot on the wall, and then when your body starts to turn, move your head around as quickly as you can to find the spot again. How fast you turn your head controls the speed of the turn. It’s also important to pull everything in and up. Squeeze the core and stay up in high releve.
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Mar 20, 2022
If she is falling out of her turn she may be leaning her chest forward. I would recommend her work drills to fix this. She could work half turns, just trying to perfect her position while turning. Also, one thing my coach has us do is do our turn and land in the posse position against the wall. I hope that makes sense.


Proud Parent
Oct 16, 2014
When my daughter was struggling with consistency of her full turn on beam, the coaches had her try a few different arm positions to see what she felt most comfortable with. Now, she was in Xcel, and I have no idea what the requirements for positioning are in DP, so please keep that in mind!


Feb 27, 2022
Ooh yes! Full turns (especially on beam) were always iffy for me in Level 5 DP. I could never get them consistently and it was a regular point of frustration.

Fast forward one year and turns are now one if the easiest parts of my routine. I had a very wise coach who made me turn with my arms down. I hated it at first. I still do it that way to this day, and it works.

I don't know if turn/leg positions can be reversible in compulsories, but maybe it could help?
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