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:confused: Hello, my daughter is learning to do a full on floor. I think she is twisting the wrong way. How do you know which way she should be turning? Is there a rule?


There's no hard and fast rule for twisting directions. Many coaches have a preference based on which way the gymnast does a round off or other skills, but ultimately there's no fool-proof method for determining which direction is best.

What makes you think your gymnast is learning to twist the wrong way?

I learned to twist righty when I was younger, but I can successfully twist a double full both directions. I learned to twist to the left last summer, when I was 20 years old. For awhile I felt that I might have been better at twisting had I learned lefty, but now both sides feel equally as comfortable. Perhaps your daughter is like that too, and could be successful on both sides.


Thank you, her coach says she needs to twist opposite from her round off. But she feels more comfortable twisting the same way. We have gone to some summer camps this summer and they have her twisting to the right the same way she does her round off. Which she was sucessful with a spot. But I am affraid that her coach will change it and she will not be as successful. But if her coach wants her to we will be fine with that. I was just wondering what the normal way was.


Jun 24, 2008
I'm not sure if I totally understand your terminology here-- remember that a right-leg cartwheel is actually a left-twisting skill. Most people who do right cartwheels twist right and vice versa, but of course there are exceptions (and there are also many gymnasts like me, who are mixed twisters and go different ways on different skills).
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
I would advise you that her coach knows her best! I never spot twisting, but intro it as a layout w/ a late 1/2, then they add the 2nd 1/2 when they are reday, after LOTS and LOTS of late 1/2's.


thank you

I appreciate the advise. I just didn't want her to be confused. She is most comfortable twisting the same way she does her round off.
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