fulls on floor!!

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Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
i am learning how to do a back layout full on floor. i am a level 6 though.
i am doing them off the tumble trak for now, but even there they look TERRIBLE!!
my legs are like frog legs and my arms look like sailing rubber bands (haha).
my form is really bad, yet i am getting the twist 3/4 of the way around.
i guess it is more of a tuck full with the way mine look.
i try to do it in a layout position but i balk every time....its SCARRYYYY!
does anyone have any suggestions for me on how to fix this problem?
i have a trampoline at home and i have been trying them their, but they look the same as at the gym, except i get the twist all the way around at home. is there anything i can do at home to fix this too??
well, the main thing is just to concentrate on being tight. When you are trying to fix as many things as you are, you have to concentrate on one thing at a time. Pick one thing (straighten your legs, get all the way around, pull your arms in to your chest) and work on it. When you fix one thing, work on another.

You don't have to go to a layout right away if it is scary. Just concentrate on getting your legs a little straighter each time. Or, if you want, just ask for spot, and work on it in a layout right away.
With your arms, work on getting them tight to your chest, or wherever you pull them to.

Fulls are really hard to get all the way around, but once you get them, 1 1/2s are easy to get. Just wait for the 1 1/2 to a double...
Well good luck and hope this helped!
It kind of depends on your coach's philosophy of how to teach a full. My coach taught us an early full which often resulted in the type of problems that you are talking about. It was frightening to jump up in the air and make your body rotate two ways at once! The way I now teach fulls is to do a late twist. This allows them to get into the flip correctly, then think about the other rotation. I have my kids first do a layout, then jump half turn when they land. Then, do a layout and look over your shoulder when you see the floor. In other words, you do a half turn just before you land. Once the gymnast has that down easily, the gymnast begins to go for the full. They always naturally start to turn earlier, but by this point they are used to doing a layout with some twisting so it is easier for the gymnast to do the full without getting crazy. Also, the arms stay by the ears when doing the full. This way, you have learned to squeeze tightly enough to not need the pull of your arms. When you are ready to try to twist more, you pull your arms in and, voila! You have completed a 1 1/2!

The biggest thing to remember is to set and start your flip tightly, then twist. Most gymnasts start to twist off the floor which results in crazy fulls!
My advice would be to go back and work on those layouts. They need to be SOLID, perfectly straight-hollow, with a very tight body and tall set. If you're at all loose, it's so much harder to twist (plus it looks bad!) It's also much harder to twist in a tuck position since you can't twist as quickly. Once your layout is consistent, try the tips from the previous poster. Good luck!
Go back to the basics for a bit. Do some layouts, layout 1/2s when youre comfortable.

Feel the twist and know where you are, then try again.

Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to go a giant leap forward.
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