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Haven't been on in a while - you know -crazy holiday's and all - then dd had a competition in Nashville between Christmas and New Years. We had such a blast. As I mentioned in another post she just got her full by herself about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Well she decided she was going to do in in the competition. Then she goes and sprains her thumb in 2 places wrestling with her brother and cousins. She never warmed them up during practice - didn't want to use her thumb any more than she had to. She didn't even so much as do a back tuck, layout or anything in warm ups let alone her full. I really didn't think she would do it in the routine - then I saw her face right before her tumbling pass and knew she was going for it. Sure enough she did it both days and they were awesome. She was so excited there was no wiping the smile off her face. Don't you just love that !!!


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Feb 26, 2007
Hey nice to have you back. Sounds as though the cheerleading is going great. That's so cool about the full, isn't it wonderful that she is getting to do exactly what she loves to do.


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Mar 1, 2007
LOL, I'm thinking she's loving doing the gymnastics "skills" on her own terms within her new cheer career. No pressure! WTG! Isn't it funny how as a mom you know your kids "look"?? I'm sure you held your breath as soon as you saw it coming, LOL
So much fun hearing about her "meets" even though they are now cheer competitions. She transitioned sooo easily.

Yes, I agree the holidays are CRAZY and secretly I am glad they are just about over. I love Christmas but not the stress of getting everything done and all the extra shopping, cooking, cleaning and wrapping that goes along with it. We have tons of people over for Christmas dinner and then last night host a New Years party for about 40. It was so cold/windy here in NJ last night we couldn't even tempt (push,LOL) people outside onto the deck with the warm fire and marshmallows. Today is a total PJ day!


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Oh how awesome! Good for her and wow! Glad she is loving cheer. :D


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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Awesome flippy! Congrats to dd getting her full! That is such a major skill in cheerleading! I'm glad you had a fun competition and am sooo glad that dd made a great transition to the cheer world!! It's kinda like--she put in all the hard hours of training as a gymnast and now she can totally let loose, express herself and have fun without so much pressure or stress. I remember the away cheer competitions being so much fun!!! I'm glad you guys are having a blast!
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